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Casino (Roulette) question?
07-04-2015, 06:01 AM
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Casino (Roulette) question?
Okay, so i found you a way how to greatly improve my odds at roulette, in another words, bigger chances of winning, and smaller of losing (Don't worry, it's legal, no cheats) ...

So, my question is - since i don't know much about casino organization of staff and their machines, i would like to know if for instance i'm on a winning streak, is there any staff members that monitor their customers game plan? Let's say if i play 3 rounds of number 0 (green field on roulette) and put 10$ each time, will anybody know that, monitor my play or something like that? Note: I am asking this only for normal local casino's, not the fancy and most popular in my town..

I don't want to attract any attention on myself, if i win a lot and if they find out about my plan, they will kick me out, ban me and take my cash, so i would like to know if any of have some knowledge about casino?

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