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Information Bill Tracking App
10-03-2016, 03:11 PM
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Information Bill Tracking App
App Information :
Track your daily consumptions of milk, maid services, children tuitions, paper delivery and lot of other things, all at one place. Pay bills in cash or online and maintain all the history of bills and payments. Track your local grocery bills which you settle on monthly basis.

Credit Note provides a simple and easy platform to generate and send monthly invoices to customer. Merchants can get paid online for the invoices sent to their customers and keep a track of Paid and Un-Paid Invoices.

Credit Note replaces the Red Diary for Merchants, Vendors, Shop Owners, Professionals or Individuals to track their day to day accounting. It is a authorised tracking of transactions between customers or merchants or anyone. Anyone using Credit Note will save money, time, no more disputes with customers over credit amount given and no hassle in writing and maintaining in diary.

Subscription vendors can advertise their subscriptions products like milk, tea coffee services etc for their area and increase the business revenue.

1. Authorised credit tracking with customers or with your local shops for monthly settlement.
2. Replaces Red Diary for Merchants and Vendors to maintain accounting in one place.
3. Send Monthly Invoices and get Paid Online into your bank account by customers.
4. Replaces recording in home calendar for house hold individuals for daily subscriptions tracking or accounting.
5. Merchants save money which they loose on small changes.
6. Maintain Customer data for retention and promotion.
7. A mobile based application, which is very tightly coupled with mobile number for Credit Tracking.
8. Maintain all your record for 2 years.

For Merchants / Vendors / Shop Owners / Professionals :
1. Authorised credit tracking against day to day bills to customers where the amount is settled on monthly basis.
2. Use it for daily subscriptions like milk , news paper, mineral water etc. Add customers to Credit Note for these subscriptions and send notifications on daily basis after delivery is made.
3. Maintain each delivery record with you and your customers for daily subscriptions at same time with single click.
4. Send monthly subscriptions bills to your customers with single click and track the payment history.
5. Check overall money given on credit or you have taken credit.
6. Maintain all your customer data for retention and business expansion.
7. One click to send reminders to customers for long outstanding credit amount.
8. Maintain settled transactions in Credit Note.
9. Simple platform in creating and maintaining loyal customer base.
10. Solution for small change issue at merchants, shops and stores where they loose money in a transaction.
11. Professional Coach can send monthly invoices to their students for fee payment and maintain history of payments.

For Individuals / Consumers :
1. Credit Note can be used to track the day to day bills with your local shops like grocery, medical or cafes which are paid on monthly basis. This saves on un accounted money and any disputes.
2. Pay your monthly recurring invoices online with Credit Cards, Debit Card, Net Banking or even Wallets.
3. It can used to track and maintain payment history for daily subscriptions like milk, news paper, your children classes, maid service attendance etc. This is done with just one single click on daily basis. No need to open app to make a record.
4. Maintain and track any outstanding balance from any of the house hold vendors.
5. Track amount between any two individuals who lend and borrow money and item like books, DVD electronic item.
6. Track and Maintain any advance amount given to your local merchants.
7. Search for any local subscription vendors like milk, mineral water services, laundry services etc.

Download the Android App -
Bill Tracking
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12-02-2016, 03:05 PM
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RE: Information Bill Tracking App
Discover the top 100 best bill tracking apps for android free and paid. Top android apps for bill tracking in AppCrawlr!
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