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The Answer Blog, Post 3. Why do we keep getting reported?
07-04-2016, 10:19 PM
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The Answer Blog, Post 3. Why do we keep getting reported?
So it seems that in a matter of 10 minutes, The Answer Blog has been shunned by its new home. We have only had two posts, and both were reported, but why? We are scratching our heads asking "who could we have offended?" We try to go out of our why to be nice to our readers, and never once has this happened when we were at Blogspot or Wordpress.

We thought maybe we were being reported because we weren't asking questions, so we will fix that problem right away. Other then that, could someone please leave a comment about why exactly are we being shut down by you?

We hope everyone can enjoy our blog and not overthink anything, so from this point on, lets keep a calm head. Maybe if our posts were actually read by the people who want to report us, things could change.

Despite the challenges, The Answer Blog is still going strong! Have a great day everyone!

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