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Full Version: How to tighten obliques(hips)?
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Hey i lost a shitload of weight a while ago, and got kinda anorexic. i'm like 5'6 and a half and about 55 kg at the moment, i've managed to gain a bunch of muscle on my arms and legs, so now i have slim-muscular legs and fairly muscular/toned arms. My body is alright, except for my hips, they have a few inches of fat on each end, and it makes me a bit wider (without a shirt on) than i'd like to be. I've tried crunches and side crunches (where i twist my lower body to the left or right and just do normal crunches), and that's toned my stomach, so now i have a toned stomach (when i suck it in), but i still have the extra hip fat. I don't want to lose weight, cas im trying to gain weight in muscle, but i really want to tighten them up, any advice would be great, thanks.

inonotus obliquus
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