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Full Version: OUTRAGEOUS Japanese restaurant HELP!?
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Let me introduce myself first.
Okay, I am eighteen years old, and I waitress at a japanese restaurant.
In Japanese Restaurants, we split the tips between the chef and waitress. And then divide the half of the tips for waitresses.
We only have two waitresses due to the bad economy.
However, Today, it was very very busy. Like we usually have about
50 people, but we had 109 customers.
Our shift starts at 3 and we open at 4.
Today, we had 3 chefs, a sushi maker??, a host,
a manager. and 2 waitress.
It got really busy around 6, but we could handle it.
But then, at 7, it got to the point where two waitresses
couldn;t handle 13 tables of eight people.
So, our host helped us. I have to admit that
he did help us a LOT.

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