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Full Version: Does anyone know anything about Nationwide Financial Services Inc?
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Has anyone tried to get a secured personal loan from Nationwide Financial Services Inc. I was told I was approved for a secure loan all I had to do was send the x amount of dollars and the next day I would have my loan, well I don't have my loan nobody will return my calls,e-mails or faxes. This company is insured by J D and Associates Law Firm so I figured they were ok. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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This cannot be a legit company as you are not required a collateral to get loan at such low rates. Anyways, I am currently thinking to start investing in stocks and other options. Going to consult a certified financial advisor Las Vegas for that Hope to find one soon!
Uh! I will probably have an idea about this thing in a month because taking help of a financial planner for explaining me how everything in this area works. He just gave me information on swp in mutual fund recently and would like to consider it.
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