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Full Version: Escort Cosworth Engine/Turbo Trouble?
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I have just got my Escort Cosworth back from a Cosworth Specialists - one of the main Cosworth specialist's in the UK, having spent several thousand pounds this is how they sent back my car on trailer, the car doesn't rev past 3000rpm's, the turbo gauge shows -0.6 Bar on tickover and the oil pressure is about 1 Bar on tickover, when driving it there is no noise from the Dump valve, the turbo spools up eventually after about 15 second in any gear, phoned them up and there answer was it was running fine when we sent it back, apsolute W*********S Anyway, as i'm in West Yorskhire & they're in the London area its no good them telling me to just send it back down as it cost me £600 to have the car delivered on a trailer there and back at £300 a trip, so i will have my local garage tell me what could be problem as soon as i can get it in to them, does this sound like turbo failure or head gasket failure or worse? or could it be something simple like a boost pipe not fitted properly or fuel pump failure etc. My only advice is NEVER BUY A ESCORT COSWORTH MONEY PIT.
Thanks for any help

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